Our Wedding at Skytop Lodge

 Before the wedding

This are some of the best friends I have, John, Chris, Adam, Cliff and Nick (Not shown). They all came up from New York the night before to help me out and party with us after the wedding.

The Wedding

It was the 24th of the of September of 2005, the weather was absolutely beautiful and everything went the way we had hoped.  Deborah was more beautiful that you could imagine and Francine, My dad and John looked great. Thanks to everybody who participated.

After The Wedding

Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures.

The Reception

The food, the band and the people were all excellent. Thanks to everybody for coming and sharing our day with us. We know it wasn't easy for everybody to make it but it meant everything to us for you all to be there. We wont forget the favor, god bless. Thanks to Skytop Lodge for the beautiful accommodations, and lastly thanks to the Rick Anthony Big Band for an amazing performance. 


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