2003 Chevrolet Avalanche Z-71 Off-Road Package

Engine: 285-hp 5.3-liter ohv 16-valve V8

Horsepower (hp @ rpm): 285 @ 5200

Torque (lb.-ft @ rpm): 325 @ 4000

Transmission: 4-speed automatic

Wheelbase (in.): 130.0

Length/width/height (in.): 220.8/79.8/74.5

Cargo volume (cu. ft.): 53.9

Payload: 1363

Towing capacity (lbs.): 8200

Ground clearance (in.): 8.6

Cub weight (lbs.): 5437

Fuel capacity (gal.): 31.0  



This page is for my 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche. I bought it from a dealership on the second to last Saturday of October 2005. I am not going to go into the story of where I bought the truck for various reasons, but however I did get a great deal and a great interest rate if there is such a thing :-) . I'm afraid I may go off on a tirade that will waste both of our time so ill just say what made me happy about purchasing the vehicle.

First off Deb and I had always wanted to get an Avalanche and because of saving our pennies and dimes and getting money from our wedding we were able to go ahead and buy our dream vehicle. No we arent lucky...(I hear that alot) No it wasent a present from daddy.. (Got to love that one) and yes if you had my credit you could afford it too. The first time I drove an "XUV" was driving a friends fathers Escalade EXT. I instantly fell in love with the vehicle after driving the EXT and seeing what it was like to drive with the cab open to the bed. Of course there was no possibility that I could afford an Escalade and for that matter an Avalanche at the time. So 3 years later and after a lot of saving and generous wedding gifts we were able to afford our first new (used) vehicle.

We decided that since the EXT was exceedingly more expensive that we would go look at Avalanches. A member of our church told me that once I drive one I wont be able to turn it down. He was right and the first truck I drove had the plain 4x4 package and was red. It had been owned by a gardener and the bed was scratched and my wife thought it smelled faintly like smoke. So not being the right color, suspension package and smelling like smoke instantly did this one in but after I drove it I was hooked. The other vehicle the dealer had was a green Z-71 off road package which smelled heavily like smoke. I liked the color and suspension but the smoke killed the truck for deb. At that point we were told there was two more to look at over at the sister dealership, A White Z-71 and  Blue Z-71. The White truck wouldn't start (Big surprise) when we went to look at it, leaving the Blue truck.

The truck was pulled up front into the garage for the salesman to show us the vehicle. (Who then proceeded to attempt to sell the vehicle to my wife's father, assuming without asking that he was purchasing the car.... Oh and for another laugh there is a burned DA into each of the brand new tires they said they would put on for us making me believe they are blemish tires... Real classy place to buy a vehicle... ok ok ok im going to be good from now on.)

Anyway the skys parted and light shown down upon what would be my new truck so we took it for a test drive. Ok fine so it was pouring rain ... Ok ok... So the sun wasn't out and shining but we did decide that we loved the vehicle and bought the vehicle in the next few days.

It came with a tow hitch, a tow hitch cover, window vents and Chevrolet custom floor mats. So far it has been everything I have wanted and expected. Check out the pictures below.


My first pictures of the Avalanche

Taken before I legally owned it at the dealer by my camera phone. (Reason for the bad Quality pics)


My Second set of pictures

(Taken the first night I legally owned it)

Pictures I took at Beltsville Lake In Lehighton.

(You can tell I just wanted to take a picture and leave, I wasn't enjoying taking these at all!!!)

Pictures of parts and upgrades to my truck

K&N Air Filter

Magna-Flow Dual Exhaust Kit

Chevrolet Custom Brush Bar

Step Bars

 And I have been thinking about becoming a member of---> 

And Just some cool pictures



Smashed!!! (Actual government testing picture, Great crash ratings!!!!)