Art and Influences

This section of my website is just to show you a little about me. What my influences are and what my interests are.


Billy Corgan Trent Reznor


The above are my current musical interests

1) Billy Corgan: Currently starting a solo career with his new album "The Future Embrace" He was the founder and lead singer of both Zwan and The Smashing Pumpkins. I feel that he is one of the last artists who put thought and effort into his music. It has taste and flavor to it unlike most popular music on the radio today. Deborah and I went to see him live in Philadelphia at the famed Electric Factory and he put on an amazing show. I enjoy his artistic view and his heartfelt lyrics. As I understand it he may be putting the Smashing Pumpkins back together, let us hope.

 2) Trent Reznor: He literally is Nine Inch Nails. From what I gather from his website and other investigation he writes and performs with little to no help all of the songs that Nine Inch Nails do. He plays most instruments and makes most of the sounds himself. HEY HEY HEY they perform live DON!!! Yes I know they do, he also has a band that plays live since he cannot do everything live himself. As I understand things he uses a track recorder to make everything himself in the studio. In his live setup he from time to time used Marilyn Manson (I have video to prove it try to find and watch the unreleased "gave up" video) and the lead singer of filter in his band. Trent is unbridled in his creativity and never fails to interest me in his albums. His voice is unique and I also enjoy his artistic view. 

My Favorite Movies

The Crow, Pulp Fiction, The Hellraiser Series and all of the Hannibal Lechter Trilogy.

Honorable mention

Black Dog has a Monte SS in it!!

And Finally Art

This section consists of artists I admire and instead of giving you my view on what I think of them I would prefer that you form your own views and check them out. Please enjoy.


Pat Keck (Sculptures that Actually move)

Mark Ryden (Unique Paintings)


Yelena Yemchuk (Photographer and Artist)



Also check out for some cool art just on the website.

And finally just for a laugh, here is my final project (no kidding) for my art class at Penn State in 2001. Hey don't laugh too hard, I got a 90%!!!! And what's funny about the drawing is that this was made long before I ended up getting my own SS. I actually used a picture of a car I found on the internet on the web ring I belong to now to base my drawing on. I'm not bragging but I don't think they are terrible let me know what you think.