1993 Ford Crown Victoria

This car is my daily driver and has been for the last few years. I was given the Crown Vic for a graduation present for graduating college. It was given to me car by my Wife's father when he received it back from loaning it to his secretary. The car needed some work due to some damage the car received during the secretary's ownership and so I ended up repairing the suspension, light lenses, the interior in general and the drivers side door. It wasn't very expensive to repair the problems and so far it has been a very dependable and reliable car.

This is a special car due to its build from Ford. The car is a Crown Victoria LX H/P meaning the Crown Victoria LX model with the handling and performance package. This package consists of the 4.6 liter fuel injected 240 horse V8, the heavy duty transmission, limited slip rear differential and high performance air suspension. True it currently has 163,000 miles but it still is one of the fastest best handling vehicles I have ever driven.

Even though I enjoy driving this car and I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a four door sedan for safety and performance in general, there are a few things I can say that support my old feelings towards Ford. I have never seen a car that had the oil filter sticking out of the block sideways above the suspension by design. I have never seen a water pump that required removing the fan, the radiator and transmission cooler and most of the front fascia. That took about the free time of 3 days to replace. AND the mounting bolts for the water pump are located UNDER the water pump pulley. And the spark plugs actually go through the intake manifold into the heads. The spark plugs are actually recessed into the intake manifold!!! There was no way I was going to change the plugs so I ended up having a professional do the work for me.  What genius decided to implement those designs... only in a Ford!!! This car is about as user friendly as an angry beehive.

Take a look at some pictures of the car.

Work Done to the Car...


Update Summer 2006

Eventually in the winter of 2005 I started having troubles with the rear suspension and its charging system and It sat for about half a year. I eventually decided to let the car go and it was sold at auction for a much lower price than I had wanted to sell the car for. But unfortunately the car needed so much work at this point it just would have never been wise to hang on to it. I believe it was bought for a parts car for a car in New Jersey. Honestly with the problems it was having I would not have felt right selling it to anybody to use as a dependable every day car.

I wish who ever bought the car the best of luck with it.