1988 Chevrolet Super Sport

Monte Carlo

This page tells the story of my SS Monte Carlo and what I have done with it so far.

I bought my SS the summer after I graduated college. I guess one of the reasons the car means so much to me is that it was the first car I bought on my own and I really enjoy owning it.

My first  car was destroyed when I lost the brake master cylinder. The car was a 1970 Plymouth Sport Satellite and it was a dead ringer for a 1970 Roadrunner or GTX. And for a 17 year old kid that loved cars it was everything to me. It had a 318-2 barrel that I converted over to a 4 barrel Holly 600cfm with an Edelbrock LD4B (low displacement 4 barrel) manifold. I was going down an icy hill on the way to school my senior year of high school and my brake pedal literally dropped to the floor and pumping the pedal wasn't helping gain pressure. As things went I corrected the skid 3 times and on the last attempt with my tires being bald the car continued forward instead out of the skid and hit an oak tree at about 45 miles an hour. I hit the tree perfectly dead on with the front end and the tree stopped after going through the bulkhead, radiator and water pump.  As I am told the motor, trans and rear where hit so hard that the mounts were ripped out of the frame.

I received about 40 stitches to my face and mouth and ended up putting my knee under the steering wheel and smashing my leg through a part of the dashboard. My back was also damaged because the leg that went under the steering column was actually my right leg. I lost a tooth (that took some surgery to get the remainder of the tooth out) and took a chunk out of the steering wheel with my jaw. My mother actually took the tooth that got knocked out of my mouth off of the rear deck by the rear windshield.

Honestly the worst part of the whole ordeal was that I lost my car. I called it Christine like the Steven King novel for some strange things that happened when my friends and I were around the car. I was in a car club called the Long Island Mopar Power Club. I would park it next to 383 Roadrunners 440+6 Chargers and such at the club. People respected the 17 year old kid with the 70 Plymouth that was into what they were into. Things like that mean a lot to a kid trying to get respected by the older, cooler and more experienced motor heads.

Here are some pictures of Christine.

Hey Don that's great but how does the SS fit into this story? Well me I am glad I asked, because that's what im getting to now.

After I lost the Satellite I then moved on to what really could be considered my first long term car. It was a 1978 Chevrolet Caprice known to my friends and I as the "Big Boy". The nick name came from the Dick Tracy where Big Boy Caprice is Dick Tracy's nemesis. That car was given to me by my grandma with about 38 thousand miles on it. It had just been repainted a wine color and for all intents and purposes the car was brand new. It had a 5.0 305ci 180 horse motor in it and we had a lot of fun with that car. It got me back and forth to college and I probably waxed my the new paint job every other week so it was a sharp car for a 4 door sedan. My grandfather Max bought the car right before he passed away in 1981 and so grandma took very good care of it until I got it and it is still taken care of but it is off the road now for about a year and a half since I have had issues with the title. It was hit once again head on during thanksgiving break my sophomore year in college when I was sitting at a stop sign in Bethpage NY. Some woman caused a three car accident and involved the Big Boy and the car was never the same again. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of that accident but after the accident the front end was replaced with sheet metal from a 77 Impala which was in much worse shape than what had been on the car. The accident really ruined the car because the body work was done so poorly on the car. In other words pick your own body place don't let your dads friend do it.

Here's my favorite picture of the "Big Boy" with my best friends John and Chris.

And yes John and Chris that is the Previa in front of the "Big Boy"

Enter my super sport.....

Around this time school was winding down to graduation. The Caprice never had air conditioning or power anything and that winter the motor had started making some lifter ticking. So I decided to retire the Caprice and it sits with a car cover on it behind the roofing barn at debs parents house. Debs father ended up giving me his old 93 Crown Vic and this left me with a police car. At this point I was getting really sick of driving 4 door sedans so back to the beginning of the page I was working for my wife's father doing roof construction and I came across my SS sitting in the driveway to a landscaping company. It was an Silver 1988 with t-tops and it just had a for sale sign on it. I drove by it a few times and finally one Saturday afternoon Deb and I stopped on the way home from the auto parts store. My father and I had always loved that body style from when I was young and it just really swept me off of my feet. I eventually spoke with the man who owned it and took it for a test drive. Honestly it performed very poorly but since having 2 four door sedans and an impotent 70 Plymouth I didn't care because the game plan from the start was to build a high PO 350 to replace the 305. It was time to build something to take the place of the large hole my Plymouth left and this was going to be the perfect car to do it.  As it turns out although it isn't really really rare, the 88 Monte Carlo wasn't really supposed to exist. The G body platform through general motors was slated to be discontinued in 1987 and it was discontinued in 1987. The"G"body was officially ended in 1987 which included the Buick, Pontiac and Chevrolet G body. However some where during 1987 it became apparent that the Lumina body which was designed to take over the Monte Carlo would not be ready for the coming NASCAR season and so production was extended in 1987 and the extra G bodys made that year were sold as 1988 models to qualify that body style in NASCAR that following season.  This combined with the fact that the car was a SS t-top car made the car some what rare (I'm not saying the car is hens teeth but its still not your everyday Honda Civic produced in mass quantities). All that being said after some discussions with Deb and my dad I decided to buy the car. It took a small loan from my father but I paid off the remainder of my debt with the next pay check and the car was all mine.

Since then I have tuned an played with the 305 saving up the money for what I want to do with the car. It doesn't see the light of day in the winter but in the summer I am a member of Lehighton's Jukebox Cruisers and at most club events even though the car is nowhere near done you can usually see a brown 72 Chevelle Malibu owned by my buddy Chad parked next to my silver 88 SS Monte Carlo.

With school my project with the motor has been delayed since Microsoft tests cost about 100 bucks a test but I am hopeful that the construction should start this summer. Here is a schematic of what I would like to do with the car. (Yes I know the schematic isn't an 88 but its close)

That's the Story for now and I will update this page as things change. Thanks for checking the website out. The next page has some pictures of the SS motor in the car and the one I plan to put in the car so check them out if you want to check out some pictures.